What’s Inside the Pawikan Cave

Is there really a pawikan inside the cave?

This is the Pawikan Cave in Carles, Iloilo. Iit is the must see attraction whenever you are planning to visit the Isla de Gigantes.

Accoding to the locals, Pawikan Cave got its name from the large egg-shaped rock formations positioned at one of the deep chambers of the cave. The “pawikan eggs” were actually devised by the Japanese Imperial Army as a marker to denote the location where they buried gold bars , which were believed to be part of the Yamashita Treasure. Today, the “pawikan eggs” are gone with extensive dug up holes at the site. The locals speculate that treasure hunters have already looted the Pawikan Cave of all its “bulawan.”

So if you were asking if there is a pawikan inside the cave, just visit the place and let your curious eyes unveil the truth. Enjoy!


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